Panasonic AV-HS410 Video Switcher

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Quick Overview

Panasonic AV-HS410 Professional Video Switcher, Professional Video Mixer, Broadcast Switcher

High-End Performance And Functions

ExpAndable 1ME Switcher with Enhanced User Interface

HD/SD Multi-Format with 9 Inputs StAndard, 13 Inputs Maximum

New Memory Functions And Versatile, High-Quality Effects

Panasonic AV-HS410, professional video switcher. Like its predecessor the AV-HS400A, the new AVHS410 is a compact, all-in-one 19 type rack-size 1 ME live video mixer that is only 19 inches wide but provides in its stAndard configuration nine signal inputs, expAndable with option boards to a maximum of 13 signal inputs (HD/SD switchable). The 7 inch color LCD panel displays settings in an easy-to-read format, And ease-of-use is further enhanced by the new memory preview function, an improved multi-view function And a simple key layout optimized for live broadcasts. Excellent expAndability is provided by optional board slots enabling support for a variety of input signals, including 3D cameras, And by the provision of a Software Development Kit (SDK) that makes it possible to add software-based functions.

 In its stAndard configuration, the AVHS410 supports HD And SD multi-format signals And the system frequency is switchable among 60 Hz, 50 Hz, And 24 Hz, enabling operation And digital cinema control worldwide. Eight SDI (HD/SD) inputs And one DVI-D input are provided as stAndard. By installing optional boards in the two available slots, the number of inputs can be increased to a maximum of 13 (if input boards are installed). Alternately, output boards can be installed to enable a maximum of 10 outputs. In addition, all input channels feature a built-in frame synchronizer, And there are up-converters for four channels And video processing circuits for eight channels. Five HD/SD SDI outputs And one DVI-D output are provided in the stAndard configuration. In addition, there are four Aux busses, And  Aux 1 comes with a mix transition function. In combination with mix effects (ME), the AV-HS410 Panasonic supports a wide variety of operation scenarios.

The numerous built-in effects include stAndard wipe, mix And cut effects in addition to DVE transition effects such as squeeze And slide. The chroma keyer employs the powerful Primatte® algorithm, which has a proven track record as plug-in software on many high-end non-linear editing systems. Primatte® high-end chroma keyer technology is widely used in motion picture And TV production, as well as in the creation of music videos And commercials, And provides the high-precision compositing capabilities demAnded by professionals.

 New video memory And memory preview functions have been added to the existing shot memory And event memory functions. The video memory function allows recording or playback of a couple of still images or the video with appended key signals. Though the AV-HS410 is a 1 ME switcher, it supports memory preview of video effects. It is possible to confirm shot memory or event memory video effects using memory preview. This enables previewing video effects even when on the air or live operation.

Panasonic HS410 mixer also features an improved user interface. It is equipped with a 7 inch WVGA (800 × 480 pixels) color LCD monitor that, in addition to the setting menus, can show input And output video, WFM display And multi-view display. The multi-view display formats divide the screen into 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 or 16 sections And support the displayof time, audio level meters And 4:3 markers. The simple panel layout features A bus And B bus rows that each have 12 crosspoint buttons (expAndable up to 22 using the shift expansion function), allowing direct access to a variety of functions for smooth operation.


 The AVHS410 provides 3D video adjustment capabilities, including 3D rig video Left / Right images correction And 3D video signal status monitor display functionality available on the high-end AV-HS450.

Itprovides the SDK that makes it possible to extend the switcher’s functionality in a flexible manner. Using the SDK provided by Panasonic, third-party vendors And SI professionals can freely develop plug-in software that adds new functionality to the AV-HS410.

Optional Accessory

Switching of stereo 3D video signals from 3D cameras in 3D mode (four 3D inputs stAndard, maximum five 3D inputs) with the installation of the AV-HS04M7D optional board. Primatte® chroma keyer compositing will be also supported.

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